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About University of Jinan

University of Jinan, founded in 1948 and located in Jinan, the City of Springs. At present, the university boasts 26 schools and 2 teaching centers. It offers 77 specialties for bachelor’s degree programs, 20 first-level and 144 second-level disciplines for master’s degree programs, 3 specialty master’s degree programs, and 13 master’s degree programs in the areas of engineering. Recently, it was authorized to offer 3 doctoral degrees in the areas of material science and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, and clinical medicine. Totally, the specialties and disciplines cover economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine, management science and arts. Currently, its full-time student enrollment of undergraduates, postgraduates, including international students, amounts to 32,000. There were also on campus approximately 207 long-term international students from 30 countries.

Now there is an excellent faculty team at the university, consisting of academicians, professors, “Taishan Scholars”, and outstanding experts with provincial and national credentials. The university boasts 1940 full-time teaching staff, of which 288 are professors, 583 are associate professors, 509 faculty who have earned doctoral degrees, 2 academicians who are members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 10 distinguished professors which are prestigiously titled “Taishan Scholars”.

The University of Jinan has always attached great importance to strengthening specialties and disciplines. There are 41 key disciplines and research bases at the national or provincial level. In addition, there is one key national laboratory managed by the Shandong Provincial Government and one engineering research center under the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The University of Jinan has promoted policies of opening-up and internationalization. The university has been actively developing relationships with foreign counterparts by means of visiting scholar programs, academic exchange, and international cooperation and exchange programs and agreements. Up to now, the university has established ties with 37 colleges and universities covering the countries of the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and so on. More than 170 well-known international scholars are engaged by the University of Jinan as guest professors.

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